Have an Attorney Look Over Your Contracts

Legal Team Help | Legal Shield | Identity Theft Shield | Real Estate Legal Protection | Riverside Real EstateWhen it comes to real estate, everything must be in writing. And, it would seem, in legalese!

Real estate is mission-critical stuff. What if you could have an attorney look at all your real estate contracts, decipher the language, explain everything for you, and help keep you from making a bad move? For just a few dollars? If only everyone who refinanced a few years ago into toxic loans would have run their loan docs by an attorney.


With a Legal Expert on Your Team, You’ll Have Peace of Mind.

For as little as $20 a month, you can talk with an attorney about any issue — real estate contracts, homeowner associations, property liens, foreclosure and short sales, rental issues and even property disputes. All without worrying about high hourly fees.

These aren’t cheap attorneys. … They’re affordable attorneys, kept inexpensive by the economy of scale. Many subscribers means that high-priced attorneys can attend to the needs of everyday people for very little money per client.



Property Disputes, Foreclosure, Rental Issues


Estate Issues

Wills, Trusts, Health Care, Power of Attorney



Bankruptcy, Consumer Protection Assistance


Family Matters

Divorce, Adoption, Child Custody



Moving Violations, Accidents


California is an Escrow Closing state, and not an attorney closing state. We recommend all Buyers and Sellers protect their interests and property by obtaining legal insurance in advance for legal services. Even if you don’t need an attorney now, you will likely need one in the future.

Real Estate Broker errors-and-omission insurance policies do not cover Sellers or Buyers in the event of legal issues. And Realtors cannot give legal advice.

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Legal Team Help | Legal Shield | Identity Theft Shield | Real Estate Legal Protection | Riverside Real Estate